Our Services

Quick Base Application Development

On the Quick Base app-building platform, QuickApps can develop applications to support almost any business process.

In addition to the databases that support your applications, QuickApps can help you leverage your investment in the Quick Base platform by developing system workflows, email notifications/alerts, and scheduled reports to create operational efficiencies and mitigate business risk associated with processes reliant on human execution.

Business Analysis (BA)

Critical to any application development effort is the understanding and capture of business requirements.

At QuickApps, we recognize the importance of not only gathering discrete requirements, but more importantly - analyzing and understanding how those requirements affect the business process in which the Quick Base application is intended to support.

Business Process Management (BPM)

From documentation, to analysis, to optimization - QuickApps understands the need for reliable, efficient, and repeatable business processes.

QuickApps can provide Business Process Management (BPM) Services to support your application development initiatives, from documenting your business process to working with your users to help identify and reduce pain points in the process in order to reduce process inefficiencies and total operating costs.

Project Management (PM)

QuickApps also offers Project Management (PM) services as a part of its application development offering. We utilize a project management methodology that supports an efficient and effective application development lifecycle. Alternatively, we can defer to an established methodology you may already have in place.

Although our methodology is based on a traditional waterfall approach, we normally expect two or more iterations of the life-cycle in any development effort because we recognize the need to implement solutions quickly, but also realize that missed or unanticipated requirements is cost-prohibitive to avoid.